As of June 8 we have moved 51 loads from CP39 to Stella-Jones (1), Kalesnikoff Lumber (43) and Porcupine Wood Products (7).  which are the strip cuts on the Wagon Road by South Fork. This cable block is being logged by Iron Peaks from New Denver. The contractor has had equipment problems and to date the Yarder and Feller Buncher have not arrived onsite. The crew has built a forwarding trail to access the mid-slope of the block which transects its length on contour. Trees are harvested from that location, both up and down slope with conventional reach, utilizing hand falling, bunching and then skidding to the landing at the Wagon Road. Log quality is excellent, tall and straight, with a good component of mid-range diameters. Both Hemlock and Cedar exhibit buttrot, which is less advanced than expected for the well-drained and warm aspect site.  Iron Peaks has harvested approximately 35% of the block and is maintaining good log quality, low site disturbance and low waste levels.

Please adhere to the week-day trail closures during harvesting operations: the access from the Hwy31A junction by South Fork to the Ski warming hut on the Wagon Road and the Wagon Road from the warming hut West to Buchanan junction

Road building up 7-Mile Creek on CP 40 has started, no wood has been sent to the mill.  This permit has three conventional blocks that will be harvested by Sunshine Logging from Kaslo.

For further information and to view current photos about these cutting permits please view our Forest Operations Section.