Logging operations will commence in early May on CP 39, which are the strip cuts on the Wagon Road out by South Fork. This cable block will be logged by Iron Peaks from New Denver.  We received a request from KORST during our field review that we, while harvesting this permit, help out with daylighting (opening of overhead canopy) on the road leading from the highway to the block to improve ground snow cover. Please note that during harvesting operations the access from the Hwy31A junction by South Fork to the Ski warming hut on the Wagon Road and the Wagon Road from the warming hut West to Buchanan junction will be closed for public access Monday – Friday. 

Road building and harvesting up 7-Mile Creek on CP 40 are expected to start in late May or June, depending on snowpack.  This permit has three conventional blocks that will be logged by Sunshine from Kaslo.

For further information about either of these cutting permits please view our Forest Operations Section.

Please direct harvest questions to Jeff Reyden, RPF 250-353-9677.