Wildhorse Forestry Services Ltd from Ymir has planted the last of our 157,636 seedlings for the 2018 season. Most of our trees were allocated to the four CP36 blocks in Keen Creek that were harvested in 2016, but some went to replace mortality in older blocks that have suffered under the droughts of the past few summers. We haven’t maybe had the best beach weather so far, but this is the kind of planting weather that allows rapid root development. After being lifted in the fall and stored in cartons in the nursery cold storage, the seedlings have had to maintain themselves on stored carbohydrates for months. Thawing and planting induces shock to their systems and being able to access nutrients in the soil to replenish energy is crucial to their survival. We thank all our planters for their hard work and good planting quality in our often very challenging planting conditions.

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