During the months of January to April we completed a full administrative re-organization changing the organization to match our vision for sustainable and responsible license management through long term planning, pursuit of innovation and improved stakeholder consultation with establishing a modern virtual office environment that will maintain a high degree of data safety, accessibility and functionality into the future. As more and more people work remotely and are connected online through the Cloud, we found a need to move our office into a virtual platform. This enables streamlined data exchange and helps facilitate timely discussion within the organization and the membership.

ALL WOODLANDS, OPERATIONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL INFORMATION: if you require assistance with any KDCFS operational information or have specific questions and comments, please contact either of the KDCFS management team members at the portals provided or by phone / email / snail mail. We will be happy to communicate and may arrange a meeting if requested. The Management team schedules field tours and chat meetings with the Community throughout the year, which are advertised on the website and on Facebook.
Jeff Reyden, RPF, Sabrina Mutterer, Technologist  Tel: 250-353-9677 manager@kaslocommunityforest.org

WEBSITE:  this website is frequently updated and here you can access most of our operational information at your convenience. Societal information is located in the member area. If you are missing something specific, please send us a note.

For SOCIETAL FILES and FORMS ONLY:  Mel B Digital’s Internet Cafe, #404 Front Street, Suite 3 in Kaslo’s Kootenaian BuildingAside from maintaining her own IT business Mel provides virtual viewing access to our SOCIETAL FILES ONLY on her computers as per Division 2 of the Societies Act. Members may also seek assistance with accessing our website at this location. Please note, that Mel’s site is NOT providing access to Woodlands files and that her expertise lies in IT technology, not forestry.  She therefore can not answer any operational questions for the KDCFS.