CP 41 is comprised of 5 small cutblocks on Cooper Face. We built several short spurs at the end of July 2019 to access the blocks and commenced harvest in the two highest blocks on August 6. All blocks were logged conventionally by Sunshine Logging Ltd. Harvesting in all of these blocks is now complete. Trail deactivation and cleanup is scheduled for spring/early summer 2020. Harvest debris will be burned in the spring before 2 of the blocks are planted. Trees are on order for the others for 2021.

August 18

Sept. 14  1500m elevation

Instrument Wood

Logs were sold to Kalesnikoff Lumber, Downie Timber (in Revelstoke), Mercer (Celgar Pulp), MusikSpruceCanada (https://www.musicsprucecanada.com/), and were offered to all local mills.