We were happy to see 36 community members arrive at the Senior’s Hall to discuss Wardner Face management options and to find out what future changes our local weather holds in store for us, data derived from our Kaslo weather station data !  This was one of several discussions we organized with the community, including the National Forest Week tour:  go see the this post.

In the meantime, you can view our presentation here:
(be patient, it’s a larger file)

WARDNER FACE Management Presentation Sept 10

Presenter at our Meeting:



During Mel’s academic career, his research focused on past climate change and vegetation history in western North America and he taught courses in weather and climate, climate change, paleoclimatology and geology. He directed an international initiative (sponsored by the Swiss Academy of Science) that focuses on global change issues in mountain regions worldwide and became involved in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment as a lead author of a chapter that examines atmospheric conditions and trends in mountain systems. Mel served on the steering committee for the City of Nelson’s recently completed Community Energy and Emissions Action Plan and was a member of the technical support team for the Columbia Basin Trust’s ‘Communities Adapting to Climate Change Initiative’. In 2017 Mel received an Award of Environmental Education Excellence from the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network.

For your interest, here are several presentations from wildfire ecologist Bob Gray:

The True Cost of Wildfires and Why Building Wildfire Resillience Is Our Best Option