Following public consultation and further planning at the Wardner Face we modified Block 5 as shown. Access through the Village forested land to Blk 5,  connecting the upper planned wildfire corridor from the Wardner trail head was not favoured by public participants at this time. Wildfire access to the Branch 7 crown land area dividing Kaslo Village from Shutty Bench South will be via Branch 7 and Easterlilly Private Land.

We are moving forward with our Fall 2019 Schedule, installing access to the upper Wardner Bench and Block 5 (see purple rectangle, red roads). This access will lead to the following 2020 goals:

  • expansion of the wildfire corridor on the high risk, southern aspect of Kaslo’s urban interface. The strategy is to lower fire intensity by reducing fuel availability and increase speed of response and safety to wildfire crews.
  • increase access to McDonald creek and water availability into areas of poor supply
  • establish a shared ground attack strategy for KDCFS, BC Wildfire Service, Kaslo Volunteer Fire Department /  RDCK
  • provide for forest disease intervention opportunities in a currently poorly accessible area.

Sunshine Logging Ltd has removed roadside vegetation that is encroaching on the road prism of Branch 7 mainline and has started construction of the new access spur.  Please use caution while recreating in this area and follow signs and directions from the crew.