We have returned to Branch 7 for the spring to finish the remainder of the permitted blocks in the Kaslo-Shutty Wildfire Corridor CP43.

Here is an outlook where the action will be, with approximate timeline.

We are nearing completion of Block 4 at 4 1/2km on Branch 7. The snow is melting quickly.  Branch 7 remains closed to traffic from 4km up during the week, with harvesting in progress until approx. April 21. Gazetted Mt Buchanan recreation trails will remain open. Trails adjacent to Block 4 are closed (Trump, Bigfoot), are still under snow and will require clean-up after log decks are removed. Please watch for equipment and logging truck traffic on the spur, as we are nearing completion of CP43 and equipment will move off the mountain sporadically.

The post-harvest clean-up contracts have not been tendered yet by the Ministry of Forests. We anticipate completing the harvesting in the middle of May. Clean-up /residue piling will follow but pile burning will have to wait until the fall. We will update the timelines here as well as on Facebook.

Here a recent glimpse of our work in Block 1: