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Silviculture: Brushing 2018

We have hired West Arm Silviculture Inc. from Nelson to brush ca. 86 hectares of the newly planted blocks and some older blocks that have prolific herbaceous vegetation and require upkeep. West Arm's crews have finished work in the Milford and 7 Mile area and have...


Notice for all Kaslo and Area D residents: Free delivery within 10km of Kaslo Village Hall. A hauling surcharge will apply for delivery outside this zone. Bidding deadline for a truck load is August 31, 2018 at midnight. Deadline for Fundraising submissions is...

BC Wildfire State of Emergency

For current information about local Fire Bans and Area Restrictions please visit the BC Wildfire Service website: BC Wildfire Service - SE FIRECENTER update Reminder about campfire prohibition. This prohibition applies to all public and private land unless specified...

What is happening to our deciduous trees?

It has become difficult to ignore: why is the foliage on our Birch trees (Betula papyrifera) turning brown across the landscape? It is the work of an insect introduced from Europe to eastern Canada in the 1920s. From there it has since spread west to Saskatchewan,...

Planting 2018 COMPLETED

Wildhorse Forestry Services Ltd from Ymir has planted the last of our 157,636 seedlings for the 2018 season. Most of our trees were allocated to the four CP36 blocks in Keen Creek that were harvested in 2016, but some went to replace mortality in older blocks that...

Whose Garbage?

Not so long ago I participated in a Silviculture conference in the West Kootenays. During the 2 day workshop we visited sites in the forest where forest management topics were presented and discussed. We piled into our rented vans, toured up and down gravel roads,...

Next Board Meeting – September 19 at 6:30 at the Kaslo Fire Hall

NEWS: Please note that the monthly meeting date has been changed to the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The meetings will start at 6:30 PM. We have changed our meeting location to the Kaslo Firehall. Please visit one of our Board meetings to express your interest in...

Harvest Updates CP 39 and CP 40

Access restrictions to CP 39: are currently lifted until further notice. Expect pick-up truck traffic. July 19  CP39 harvest operations on the strip cuts along the Wagon Road by South Fork are complete. The cable block was sold 'on the stump' to Kalesnikoff/Stella...

Welcome Everyone !!

The old socks are gone ! We built this new website in record speed with our Kaslo Pennywise team to meet one of our April 2018 goals: to improve information sharing with our members, the Kaslo community, and provide an enjoyable and engaging virtual experience for our...


During the months of January to April we completed a full administrative re-organization changing the organization to match our vision for sustainable and responsible license management through long term planning, pursuit of innovation and improved stakeholder...

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Mission Statement

The Kaslo and District Community Forest Society (KDCFS) will manage the diversity of values of the Community Forest in an ecologically responsible and fiscally accountable manner on behalf of the people of Kaslo and Area D.


Our Strategies

  • Increase Community control over the land that sustains us to ensure sustainability into the future
  • Create community venture opportunities through initiatives, networking and innovation
  • Employ the local workforce and keep the money local
  • Improve community safety through landscape level planning
  • Educate our youth to preserve resource knowledge and autonomy


Kaslo Community Forest Society

The Kaslo and District Community Forest Society is governed by a 9 member volunteer Board of Directors, seven of whom are elected by the membership for a one or two year term, and two who are appointees of the Village of Kaslo and the Regional District of Central Kootenay Area D. Today, the tenure is managed by Jeff Reyden, RPF, and Sabrina Mutterer, a local, contractual management team.

Annual      Steve Anderson, Chair, VOK Appointee
2018-2020   Ross Lake, Vice Chair
2017-2019   Tara Clapp, Treasurer
2018-2020   Steve Fawcett, Secretary
2017-2019   Marie-Ange Fournier-Beck
Annual      Chris Webster, RDCK Appointee
2018-2020   Stephen Neville,
2017-2019   Robin Mercy



The KDCFS area based tenure lies within the Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area. Its boundaries span a gross area of 32,416 hectares (ha), of which roughly 19 percent consist of mountain tops and alpine tundra and 81 percent are productive forest. Roughly 10,000 ha of the productive forest are considered the “working forest”. Elevations range from 640m at Kootenay Lake to 2300m in the alpine…


Domestic and Community watersheds comprise approximately 12,500 ha, or 38% of our license area. The integrity and maintenance of our numerous mountain streams supplying drinking water into our backyards place at the top of our management concerns. This is reflected in the KDCFS’s Watershed Policy. The community and urban interface within the tenure shelters many privately licensed water intakes along creeks, seeps and springs.



Throughout history our forests have served vital and multifaceted roles for our communities. The segment undergoing rapid growth during recent years, both in economic and social terms, is forest recreation. As health awareness and a need to balance our increasingly electronic environment take on a primary focus in our lives, our forests have experienced a shift from traditional uses to a new adventure playground offering competitive and technically skilled challenges such as mountain biking, ridge races, tree skiing and geocaching circuits.


In step with its mission statement, the Community Forest has invested into opportunities that would benefit the residents of Kaslo and Regional District Area D since its inception.

These opportunities arrived in various ways but were all targeted towards spearheading initiatives towards, or supporting existing local projects that addressed a wide cross-section of community organizations such as the arts, amateur sport, health and safety, education and recreation. These direct grant infusions into the local way of life has amounted to over $700,000 to date.


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Memberships are valid for a calendar year. In order to vote at the AGM, you must have a current membership. If you were eligible to vote at last year’s AGM, then you can purchase your membership the evening of the AGM (or earlier). If you didn’t have a membership last year, then you must purchase your membership at least 30 days before the AGM.

To be a member you must be at least 18 years of age, and have been a resident or property owner in Kaslo or Area D for 30 days and in BC for 6 months. All memberships expire December 31. Annual membership fee of $5.00

Regular Board Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm upstairs in the Kemball Building. Exceptions will be posted on here.

Drop the completed form and payment off at Mel B Digital on Front Street, or mail with a cheque to Box 789, or email to (and pay by e-transfer).

Once your application has been reviewed and payment made, we will send you a password to access our online member page.
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