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Throughout history our forests have served vital and multifaceted roles for our communities. The segment undergoing rapid growth during recent years, bothin economic and social terms, is forest recreation. As health awareness and a need to balance our increasingly electronic environment take on a primary focus in our lives, our forests have experienced a shift from traditional uses to a new adventure playground offering competitive and technically skilled challenges such as mountain biking, ridge races, tree skiing and geocaching circuits. Offering breathtaking lake to mountaintop scenery, Kaslo and surrounding communities have embraced the new opportunities, rolled up their volunteer sleeves and are well on their way of building a comprehensive formal and informal forest recreation infrastructure, much of which lies within the Community Forest Tenure area. Buchanan Lookout Public Notice

To accomplish this large-scale undertaking, Kaslo’s dynamic recreation groups (Kaslo Mountain Bike Club, KORTS, Motorized Trail Users…) have joined forces to create a Community Trails Masterplan. This Trails Masterplan implements “Phase 2” of the earlier Kaslo Trail Management Plan 2012. Trail Alliance Management Plan . It will develop an accurate inventory and present the status of existing assets and will help to plan for future trail development and existing maintenance standards and priorities. The Kaslo and District Community Forest Society has been a dedicated supporterof this grassroots initiative and is proud to co-manage the the multi-use Mount Buchanan Recreational Tenure granted within the Community Forest in 2012. Kaslo Mountain Bike Initiative

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